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It Gets Better…Hawaii 2015

In March 2015 the It Gets Better Tour will be coming to Hilo, Hawaii.  I am excited that the tour is going to my home state! …And disappointed that I will not be going with it due to a scheduling conflict.

(Lighting folk reading this: I have already booked someone to cover for me. Thanks for asking! No I won’t tell you her name, I’d like her healthy and unharmed on this one, thanks.)

Photo by Jim Geiger/Geiger Digital

Photo by Jim Geiger/Geiger Digital

As lighting designer for the tour, I don’t often get involved in the outreach portion of the tour’s programming. As someone who believes in the tour’s message I’m pushing my nose in where I might be superfluous…but here goes.

I would like to be certain this outreach has a chance to reach as many of Hilo’s youth as can benefit from it. I don’t want to see this outreach wasted due to cultural differences perceived or real. I think it’s hugely important for students and the community to see what resources are available to LGBT youth, whether that be an organization or just people to talk to when things are bleak.

Hawaii friends: if you know of anyone who might be interested in being part of our plans for outreach to students in Hilo, someone local with a message of hope, someone who can help show the youth of Hawaii that there is a loving community for them to be a part of please contact me. I’d like to lineup as many resources for the tour’s visit as possible.

I am not able to come back to Hawaii very often and I’d like to take this opportunity to do what I can for the youth of my home. Please help us share a message of hope with the youth of Hilo.

Thank you.

(Don’t think this is the last time you’ll be hearing about it)